Sexual Function

Understanding Sexual Function

There are lots of different ways that sex can get “wonky” for people, which can impact how you feel about yourself and/or your partner(s). Some of the areas of sexual functioning that I have extensive experience treating include:

  • Low-sexual desire and interest
  • Mismatched sex drives in a couple
  • Arousal difficulties
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Vaginal lubrication issues
  • Orgasmic difficulties
    • Female Orgasmic Disorder
    • Delayed Ejaculation
    • Premature Ejaculation
  • Unwanted pain during sexual activity
  • Sexual trauma/assault

How Problems Develop

The reasons for these problems are typically multiple and can be complex. Some of the causes for these sexual concerns can include medical conditions, medication, aging, relationship issues, family background, religious messages, personal feelings about sex, confusion about your sexual and/or gender identity, your own mental health, stress, and other life changes that impact your well-being.

What to Expect

I will work with you to identify the factors contributing to your sexual difficulties in order to find the best approach(es) for treating them. Depending on the best course of action for you, your treatment could involve:

  • Psychotherapy with you or you and your partner
  • Working with your physician(s)
  • Working with a physical therapist, typically for sexual pain disorders
  • Reading/Listening to books that complement the work we are doing (but don’t worry if reading isn’t your thing; we can find other ways to get the information)

Even though it might not be easy to talk about this stuff, please know that concerns about sex are common, and it’s great that you are considering addressing them! It’s okay if you don’t have it figured out. We can figure it out together, and my hope is to help you create pleasurable, satisfying, and authentic sexual experiences that leave you feeling good about yourself and your relationship(s).

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